Vipassana Therapists Directory

The vipassana therapists are a group of psychotherapists in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are practitioners of vipassana (also known as insight) meditation.

We hold these principles in common:

  • The need for self understanding and self acceptance
  • The importance of attaining authenticity, not simply adjustment
  • The value of experiencing with equanimity all mind/body states that arise, and understanding that they are all impermanent
  • The desirability of suspending judgment to allow for the direct experiencing of life
  • The realization that pain is inevitable and that suffering is the effect of resisting the experience of it
  • The knowing that underlying all apparent differences of personality and life script is an essential oneness of all beings

In order to be included in this directory, a therapist must have all the following qualifications:

  • Be licensed to practice therapy in California, or gathering hours under supervision toward licensure
  • Have a regular meditation practice for at least three years
  • Have accumulated at least 25 nights of silent retreat practice

The people listed in this directory are all licensed by the state of California to practice psychotherapy, or are working under supervision gathering hours toward licensure.

The Vipassana Therapist group and the Spirit Rock Meditation Center have made no additional effort to ascertain their claims, qualifications, and competence, and so cannot guarantee the quality of their work or the success of the therapy they may do with a particular client.