Vipassana Therapists Directory

Anita Barnes, LCSW, CGP
Sex: Female; LCSW16518
445 Bellevue Ave., Suite 101, Oakland, CA 94610

Fee scale: $110 - sliding scale available


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 26 years in the field of psychotherapy. Furthermore, I am a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist. I work holistically with compassion, honesty, respect and positive regard. From this holistic approach, my clients feel safe and become more deeply aware of what has been kept out of awareness. We then co-create the desired growth, change and transformation. I am committed to this work because when people grow and heal, it brings so much joy.

I employ Psychodynamic and Gestalt therapies in my practice. The goal of Psychodynamic therapy is to increase your awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behavior. Awareness is also at the core of Gestalt therapy. Through awareness and experimentation with bodily sensations, emotional responses, projections and assumptions, you expand your range of choices about how you live. When you bring the unconscious into awareness you can fully engage in self-healing.

I enjoy working with adults, couples and groups. My areas of specialization include: addiction/recovery, adults traumatized in childhood, anxiety/depression, gay/lesbian, grief and loss, life transitions, personal growth, self-esteem, stress management, relationship and intimacy issues.


I have had a meditation practice since 1989 and a sitting Vipassana meditation practice since 2001. I have also participated in: Residential People of Color Retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center; a variety of day-long workshops at Spirit Rock and East Bay Meditation Center since its inception; completed a 10-month Commit to Dharma program with Larry Yang in February 2011; and received confirmation of ordination, November 2015.


Masters of Social Work (MSW), University of Southern California, 1989.
Employed with various county and city governments, HMO's, Outpatient and Residential Addiction/Recovery Treatment programs.
Gestalt Therapy Certification, Gestalt Institute of San Francisco, 2010.
Advanced Gestalt Certification, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio, 2017.