Vipassana Therapists Directory

Catherine (Kitty) Costello, MA
Sex: Female; MFT 38191
378-A San Jose Ave., San Francisco 94110
(415) 939-1331.
Fee scale: $150. Some reduced fee spots may be available


In my work with individuals & couples, I weave together present moment
awareness with an ever-deepening understanding of the
history & roots of challenging emotional & behavioral patterns.
Accessing & developing inner strengths, resources & coping skills,
makes it easier over time to turn toward underlying suffering &
trauma, allowing them to metabolize & dissipate in the light of self-compassionate
awareness. Current life challenges may be addressed
through psychological & spiritual insight & by deepening mind-body
awareness skills that help to interrupt challenging habits such as
impulsivity, anxiety, obsessive thought, addictive behaviors, self judgment,
depressive tendencies, & reactivity in relationships. Life
stresses such as money worries, family illness, untenable workload, or
chronic pain can be more easily tolerated by learning to find a place of
rest right in the middle of things.
I work with trauma, communication, work, creativity, health
challenges & challenges related to gender, class, age, ethnicity &
sexual orientation. Other modalities include EMDR, deep relaxation
practice, dream work & Interactive Guided Imagery, which fosters
access to your own inner guidance & healing capacities.


I have practiced & taught various Eastern meditative & movement
approaches since 1978, and practiced vipassana since 2000. My
primary teachers have included Kittisaro & Thanissara, Eugene Cash, &
Shinzen Young. I teach chi gung & mindfulness, and I am a graduate of
the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leaders program.


MA in Social Clinical Psychology, in private practice since 2001.
Extensive training and experience in biofeedback, EMDR, Guided
Imagery, & Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. 20+ years as staff
counselor and stress reduction teacher in a union-based counseling
program. 25+ years of community service to foster the creative arts,
especially in communities on the margin.