Vipassana Therapists Directory

Grant Rudolph, MA
Sex: Male; MFT 28068
45 Camino Alto #204, Mill Valley CA
415 302-4848
Fee scale: $160.-$250.; Expect immediate results


At Echo Rock, we integrate positive psychology, mindfulness, and passive Low Energy Neurofeedback Sessions (LENS). LENS is a safe, quick and effective form of neurofeedback, in which an EEG reads your brain waves and faintly echoes them back through three sensor wires on your head. We then explore how your awareness changes from these few seconds of direct information to the brain. Together we'll clarify the positive states you want, and notice them as they arise. Instead of dwelling on problems, we'll experience the factors that help us let go: mindfulness, curiosity, insight, energy, joy, tranquility, focus, and steadiness. After LENS, most people say they feel clear, calm, alert, spacious, and free from repeating distractions. It's very similar to the feeling of being fully present after a silent meditation retreat. And repeated sessions can make this contentment your new home base within weeks. Neurofeedback seems especially useful to people who cannot meditate, are troubled by unpleasant thoughts, or have ever bumped their head--even slightly. We specialize in ADHD, addictions, migraines, anxiety, memory loss, OCD, sleep disturbance, PTSD, explosive anger, and foggy thinking from head trauma or chemotherapy, as well as meditation enhancement. We offer a free interview to assess whether neurofeedback induced meditation benefits are likely to happen to you in your first session.


I'm a founding member of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where I serve as a practice guiding teacher for the North Bay Sangha. I have been meditating for over 40 years. I write about the traditional stages of unfolding, and teach people how to refocus their meditation for best results as they grow.


Training: Yale University, Sonoma State, Pacifica Graduate Institute. Experience: Clinical Co-Director of Echo Rock Therapy Center since 1988.