Vipassana Therapists Directory

Joan Fenold, MA
Sex: Female; MFT # MFC20021
1719 Union Street, San Francisco 94123
2305 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley 94705
(510) 848-3372
Fee scale: Some sliding


Within a contemplative relational environment, the essence of my

work lies in cultivating a caring connection with you in which you

would feel safe to engage in an inner journey home, to your own heart

and mind. Some of our relational issues involve lack of trustboth in

ourselves and others. I support a strengthening of mindfulness, self-

compassion and authenticity to attend to your experience in the

moment and support your learning how to open yourself to live from

your heart and trust in your innate good heartedness. We may also

begin to wonder how old or recent hurts, beliefs and self-defeating

ways of thinking may be causing a closing down of openness to your

vulnerable feelings and difficulty with heart-centered honest self

expression. We can explore your making an intention to be a person

who can be trusted, to realize that you have choice as to how you

relate to yourself and others, to feel independently confident within

yourself. I support the possibility for you to live with an ability to

create relationships that involve practicing awareness, mutual respect

and authentic expression of feelings and needs. I enjoy helping people

develop a deep sense of personal integrity, warmth and wisdom.


I have attended many vipassana (including one 3-month retreat),

Dzogchen, Advaita (non-dual) & Zen retreats with wonderful teachers.


I have worked with individuals and couples in a spiritual context for

thirty years. Trainings: Contemporary psychoanalytic relational

psychotherapy, existential perspectives, mindfulness based cognitive

and compassion work, dreamwork, non-harming communication and

awareness of the somatic/energy system. CAMFT Certified Consultant

to psychotherapists; The Supervision Study Program-The

Psychotherapy Institute; Advanced Training in Couples Relations at

The Tavistock Institute-London.