Vipassana Therapists Directory

Laura Crabb, MFT
Sex: Female; MFT 27103
160 Saratoga Ave., Ste. 210, Santa Clara, CA 95051 (close to 280 Fwy)
Cell (408) 205-2904
Fee scale: $120. per 50-minute session (sliding scale available)


If you are suffering from stress or anxiety, depression, addictive or compulsive behaviors, relationship
problems, or effects of sexual abuse or other abuses or traumas, please feel free to give me a call and we
can talk together about whether I may be able to help you. My primary way of healing is through my presence
in our sessions, based on many years of mindfulness practice. I like to help clients to see how their own minds
cause them mischief. People say that I'm an easy person to talk to.


Currently, I attend at least one 2-week silent Vipassana meditation retreat each year at IRC with Gil Fronsdal.
During the past 20 years I have attended dozens of Vipassana retreats with Gil an other teachers at various local
retreat centers. For many years I served as registrar for Gil's annual 2 week retreat at Jikoji and Hidden Villa.
I also attend the weekly Monday night yoga and meditation with Gil and Terry Lesser. My primary daily mindfulness
practice is trail running, where I take care to avoid rocks, worms, beetles, lizards, and rattlers!


After receiving a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Santa Clara University in 1987, I worked in the
SCU Counseling Center, and then spent 13 years in the child sexual abuse treatment program at Giaretto Institute as a
therapist and Clinical Supervisor. For the past 16 years I have been enjoying my private practice in Santa Clara.