Vipassana Therapists Directory

Nick Herzmark, MA
Sex: Male; MFT # MFC31852
5845 College Ave. # 5, Oakland 94618
830 Fifth Street, San Rafael 94901
1496 Solano Ave., Albany 947
(415) 300-4343
Fee scale: Fee scale: $75 - $130


I work with individuals and couples to transform the pain and confusion caused by early and later trauma. Using non-judgmental attention and guided inquiry, together we begin to untangle many "stuck" places in both the mind and heart. My approach to healing in these last 25 years of clinical practice blends 40 years of mindfulness practice with skillful additions from Western psycho-therapeutic techniques and perspectives. I enjoy working with both beginning and advanced Dharma practitioners in resolving various life, relationship, or spiritual challenges. My work aims at fundamental change. Having more ease in the heart and more space, or openness in the mind. Often, after working together, psychiatric Medication usage dramatically decreases as toxic patterns soften, untangle, or dissipate. With the right guidance, anyone with patience and interest can experience life changing insights. This is the very right understanding that leads to balance in the mind and a calmer, more joyful life.


Since 1978 over 50 ten day retreats and 10 two to four month formal practice periods in U.S., Europe and Asia. Much of my early practice was guided by my mentor, Ruth Denison and her brilliant teachings on moment to moment attention to sense experience. Later I was guided by Sayadaw U. Pandita who emphasized intensive one-pointedness training within a strict monastic context. My most recent 25 year practice has been Dzogchen under the guidance of Venerable Tsok Nyi Rinpoche, who emphasizes resting the mind within a non-conceptual, open awareness.


Im a licensed MFT and have been practicing psychotherapy full-time for 25 years. I studied Phenomenology at Goddard College in the late 60s. I did graduate training in clinical psychology at JFK University with both individuals and families. I have experience and training in a number of Western approaches. I include here a proficiency in Jungian thought, Self Psychology and various Object Relations approaches as well as utilizing recent developments in Trauma/Attachment theory and neuroscience. This blending of East/West skillful means has developed into my own brand of a mindfulness-based psychotherapy which is particularly effective with a wide range of issues like Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.