Vipassana Therapists Directory

Thea Goldstine, PhD
Sex: Female; Psych # PSY4860
171 N. High St., Sebastopol 95472
(707) 829-2766
Fee scale: Sliding scale based on ability to pay


I have been in practice since 1976. I work with adults who are dealing
with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, grief and loss, relationship
issues, and spiritual concerns. My theoretical orientation has evolved
over the years. I was trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Over
time, I became more appreciative of the healing power of connection,
and this informed my work. And, as my involvement in Buddhism
developed, my approach has become increasingly guided by Buddhist
understandings of how we suffer and how we can live happier,
healthier lives.


I have been attending vipassana retreats with IMS, Spirit Rock, and
monastic teachers since 1995. I have done many retreats, including
the 3 month retreat at IMS for 7 years. I have also sat in Burma for 2
winters with U Tejaniya. My primary teachers have been Joseph
Goldstein, U Tejaniya, Ajahn Sumedho and Ajahn Sucitto. In addition,
I have received Tibetan teachings, starting in 1993, and have been on
retreats at Vajrapani Institute and at Kopan Monastery in Nepal.


I received my PhD in clinical psychology from the University of
Michigan in 1974. My training was psychoanalytic. I have worked in
hospital and clinic settings, as well as in private practice. I taught
object relations theory and clinical process in Bay Area graduate
schools for 20 years. I am a consultant to therapists, both individually
and in groups. I have received training in clinical hypnosis and EMDR.
I have also been trained as an interfaith hospital chaplain, and serve
as a lay chaplain at an inpatient psychiatric facility. I was a Hospice
volunteer for many years, serving in both bereavement counseling and
care giving.
My work is inspired by the following quote by Suzuki Roshi, "To realize
that things are one is a very sympathetic understanding. But how to
treat things one by one, each in a different way, with full care, that I
think is your practice."