Vipassana Therapists Directory

Victoria L. Vogel, MFT
Sex: Female; MFT # MFC29744
45 Camino Alto # 204, Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 302-4858
Fee scale: $170-$225 (some sliding scale)


My practice is a blend of Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback. I enjoy working deeply, and my nature is nonjudgemental. Because the brain is plastic or malleable, changing your thoughts also changes your emotions and even your body. I also offer passive LENS Neurofeedback, EMDR, Heart Math, Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy, MBSR, Positive Psychology and neurotransmitter testing. This integrative approach is effective for anxiety, childhood and adult trauma, PTSD, depression, ADHD, migraines, insomnia, and especially brain injury. Neurofeedback is like pushing the reboot button on your brain. During Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems(LENS), an EEG reads your brainwaves and safely echoes them back to your head for two seconds through the four sensors pasted on your head. Repeating negative thought-loops diminish. Fears, irritability, distractibility, lack of confidence, depression, and brain-fog greatly decrease. LENS can also transform couples without talk therapy. I offer a free half hour consultation so you can meet me and learn more. Neurofeedback usually decreases the time needed for therapy. Some children and adults do neurofeedback with me, while continuing with their own therapist.


I began my meditation practice at age 25 and have sat at least 45 long retreats. In addition to completing the Dedicated Practitioners Program at Spirit Rock, I have studied Advaita Vedanta, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Zen.


My degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology blends psychology and spirituality. My skills were honed at Langley Porter Hospital, UCSF. I have been Clinical Co-Director and Intern Supervisor at Echo Rock Neurotherapy for 25 years. I led a CHADD International ADHD Parent Support Group for 10 years. I am an Advanced Neurofeedback Clinician. I am married, with a daughter and a son in college.